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‘Shake on It’ with These Business Deal Phrases

An important part of business is knowing how to make a good deal. So here’s some vocabulary to help you when talking about contracts.

When people negotiate, they’re trying to find a contract they can all agree on, as well as the contract’s “terms” or rules. Each person or group who will sign the contract after the negotiation is known as a “party.”

If the deal involves buying or selling, you can expect some “haggling,” which means to argue about the price. If you’re buying, you’ll want to “talk down” the price, or convince the seller to make it cheaper.

You definitely won’t want the seller to “jack up the price”, which is when they make it much higher than it should be.

You should also be careful to read the “fine print”, which are the details of the contract, often written in a smaller font. We often use this phrase in other situations to talk about details that might cause problems if we don’t read and understand them.

When the negotiations are successful, you can say that you have “struck a deal.”

And when all the parties are happy with a deal, it’s normal to “shake on it,” which just means to shake hands to show that you agree.

After that, everyone will “sign on the dotted line,” because where you sign on a contract is often shown with a line of dots.